Making wine may seem like serious work, but, in the end, all we do is grow grapes and ferment them. So, however you prefer Liliac wine - easy, fruity, sparkling, don’t take things too seriously. We encourage you to drink it, experience it and feel good.


We invite you to explore the gentle, rolling hills, to walk by meandering streams, with a view of the fortified churches of Transylvania, finally reaching our modern wine lodge, located on the upper plateau of our Lechința Vineyard.


Taste our Liliac wines that are imbued with legendary stories or sip a glass of wine on special occasions, accompanied by the spectacular scenery of the hills resting at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains.


Start your journey into the world of Liliac, in whichever way you want. You can choose one of our culinary experiences, take tour of the vineyard, or sign up for a wine tasting and winery visit.


Invite special guests for an exceptional culinary experience accompanied with a selection of Liliac wines at the highest level.


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Press trip

Press trip

Once Upon a Time was the theme for this year's press trip. We felt that in order to understand the wine better and the wonderful area of Transylvania...

1 September

Team building event

Team building event

The Simacek team from all over the country visited us during the Muscat Ottonel harvest. After a hearty breakfast, they went to...

1 June


A good wine enriches everything around it from the food, to the people who drink it. When the wine, the food and the people are in synergy, they enhance each other and deliver a legendary experience.


Turkey and shrimps

Turkey and shrimps

Wonderful delight associated with the wine Feteasca Regala from Lilac Wine Cellar The proposed recipe is fast, extremely delicious and addictive.......

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Caramelized lamb roast

Caramelized lamb roast

Wonderful delight associated with the wine Feteasca Regala from Lilac Wine Cellar The proposed recipe is fast, extremely delicious and addictive.......

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Required for two dishes.


Lamb pulp with bone – 1 piece
Olive oil
Pepper and pepper grains
Sweet boya
Bay leaves – 2 pieces
Green beans
Garlic powder
Tomato – 1 piece
Red wine


Caramelized lamb roast, baked with spices and red wine, assorted with braised potatoes and a soté of green beans with garlic Chef Iustin Manea, from Hanul Lui Manuc restaurant in Bucharest, recommends that we associate this Easter recipe with Feteasca Neagra, a red wine from Lilac Vineyard.

For the side dish:

For the side dish:

Wash and cut the potatoes into thicker slices, then place them in a tray.
Add olive oil, rosemary and garlic. Mix all the ingredients and place them in a tray in the preheated oven at 200 degrees for about 45 minutes.

Wash also the green beans and cut their ends. In a pan, add oil, salt and butter over the green beans. If you want them better cookcked, put some water over them and keep them covered on a small fire until they reach the desired consistency. Add also the garlic, together with the salt and the pepper. Stop the fire, cover with a lid and leave it to rest for 5 minutes before serving.

The tomato can be baked together with the potatoes and used for decoration.

The lamb pulp is mounted on a plate and, on top of it, add the sauce that has remained in the tray along with the side dish. You can serve this delicious plate, with a glass of red wine for a plus of flavor.



The ingredients below are required for one dish

Turkey (turkey breast) – 220 gr
Peeled shrimps – 50 gr
Liquid cream – 150 gr
Gorgonzola – 50 gr
Zucchini – 100 gr
White pepper
Sunflower oil


Cut the turkey breast in slices and fry it in the pan with some sunflower oil. As soon as the chicken begins to catch a brown crust, add the shrimps. Once both the turkey and the shrimps are fried, add the liquid cream and the gorgonzola. Leave it on a small fire for 10 minutes. Finally, add salt and pepper.

For the side dish

Cut the zucchini into slices and season them with a little sunflower oil and a mix of spices consisting of: salt, pepper, oregano. Then, grill them for about 5 minutes.

A wonderful delight associated with the wine Feteasca Regala from Lilac Wine Cellar

The proposed recipe is fast, extremely delicious and addictive. Once prepared, it will take you to a magical world where the special taste of gorgonzola plays the leading role.

Chef Florin Scutariu from Gargantua restaurants chain, recommends the combination of this dish with a wine that will highlight its taste and fully spoil your taste buds. Lilac suggests the association of this recipe with Feteasca Regala, a young, crisp and fresh wine.

Enjoy your meal!


Here at Liliac we consider ourselves to be a boutique winery. We adhere to high standard so you can enjoy them too. With this in mind, we extend this ethos of high standards to our distribution partners.

Marvin WineShop Bar & More – Strada Sfântul Elefterie 8, București 050523
City winery – 95, parter, Calea 13 Septembrie 99, București
Wine Bouquet – Calea Floreasca 246B, București
Wine Bouquet – Jolie Ville Galleria, Parter, Strada Erou Iancu Nicolae 103 bis, Voluntari 077190
Metro Baneasa – Șoseaua București-Ploiești Nr. 44D, București 061128
Finestore magazin – bloc II 1, Bulevardul Aerogării 2-8, București 014054
Le Sommelier – str. Diaconu Coresi 6, Brasov
Terroirs Boutique du Vin – str. Postavarului 2, Brasov
Lavender Cafe & Wine Bar – str. Calcarului 19B, Brasov
Barrique – str. Ghe. Baritiu 6, Brasov
Liquor Store – str. 15 Noiembrie 34, Brasov
Chic Shop – str. Traian Grozavescu 2, Brasov
Wine & Gift Boutique – Str. Zaharia Stancu 1, Brasov
Wine Not – str. Targul Vinului 11, Sibiu
All Drinks & More – str. Faurului 5, Sibiu
All Drinks & More – str. Faurului 5, Sibiu

Top Drinks Targu-Mures – str. Bolyai Farkas, nr. 1E

Nomab Winebar – str. N. Balcescu 12, Targu Mures
Winebox – str. Ghe. Doja 243, Targu Mures
Bachus – Strada 22 Decembrie 1989 nr 35
White Horse Liquor Store Mures – Strada Călăraşilor 14, Targu Mures
Epoch Spirits – Strada Bolyai 1E, Targu Mures
Travagant – Șoseaua Sărărie nr. 17, Iasi
Treaz & Nu – str. Palas 7A, Iasi
Vin Class – Piata Unirii 2, Iasi
The Very Shop – Str. Grigore Ghica Voda 5, Iasi
Petit Lobo – str. Razoarelor 2, bl. 958 PARTER, Iasi
Winederful Shop – str. Stefan Cel Mare 1, Suceava
Winederful Shop – str. Stefan Cel Mare 1, Suceava
Vindor – str. Valea Alba 2, Piatra Neamt
Padrino Drinks – str. Stefan cel Mare 1, Piatra Neamt
Comtesse du Barry – str. Emil Isac, Nr.14
Liquor Store – str. Emil Isac, Nr. 22
Liquor Store – str.Piezisa nr.23 A
Top Drinks – Bd. Eroilor, nr. 35
Magazin Crama Noastra – Str. Ion I. C. Brătianu, nr. 35
Licori si Tabieturi – Calea Dorobanților, nr. 116
Royal Drinks – Republicii nr. 109
Drinks Land – Str. Matei Corvin
Tudor’s Liquor Store – Str. Ecaterina Teodoroiu, nr. 57A
The Drinks Store – Calea Moldovei, nr. 40D
The Cellar – Str. Podul Viilor, Nr. 2
Crush Coffee House & Wine Bar – Str. Ștefan cel Mare, nr. 7
ReWine – Str. Snagovului, nr. 1
Vinoteka Vura – Str. Moscovei, nr. 12
Sommelier – Str. George Cosbuc , nr. 1
Bibliotheka – Str. Eugeniu de Savoya, nr. 24
Enoteca de Savoya – Str. Eugeniu de Savoya, nr. 11
Liquor Store by Innuendo – Centrul comercial Euro Stand R11, Strada Divizia 9 Cavalerie 68
Casa cu Vinuri – Calea Martirilor 1989, nr. 61
SURSA – Str. Cristalului , nr 7
Winemag – Bulevardul Alexandru Lăpușneanu Nr 115, Constanța 900396
Liquerstore – Liquor Store, Bulevardul Tomis 125, Constanța 900178
Cornershop – Bld. Tomis Nr. 80, 900669, Constanța 900001
Promesse duty free – Poarta 1, Port of Constanta, Constanța 900125