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High Production Standards Ensure Top Quality

In the newly-built cellar, our winemaker’s lengthy experience and know-how and the absolute latest technology complement each other. The hand-selected grapes are processed with the same care that was given to them while they ripened in the vineyards. The vinification is in the hands of a synchronized team of local and international winemakers. With perfectly coordinated care and effort, they ensure ideal conditions that allow the wines to ripen and mature to the highest possible quality


Nectar of Transylvania – or The Story of Sweet Things.

The story begins in late autumn, when we carefully harvest the best of our Muscat grapes, and then carefully lay them down on reeds. During the cozy Transylvania winters, the aromas, flavours and sugar of the grapes slowly-but-surely become more concentrated. When the grapes are thoroughly dried, we press them. After gentle fermentation in oak barrels, our unique Nectar of Transylvania goes to you – as a sweet message in a bottle.