The soils in the low-lying vineyards of Batoș are heavy and firm with a capacity for high water retention. Planted to the 38 hectares here are autochthonous white grapes as well as red varieties. The terroir is markedly affected by the considerable differences between day and night temperatures. Ultimately, the grapes harvested here have the potential for yielding full-bodied wines.


The vines on the hilltops of the Lechința wine region benefit from an extremely favourable micro-climate that guarantees optimal ripening of the grapes. The 14 hectares of vineyards here feature light, sandy soils with a marginal loam content. These conditions are ideal especially for fruity wines.

Liliac – The Bat

The bat is not merely a namesake, but also an active partner in the battle against pests. With the installation of sleeping and nesting boxes, these flying mammals regulate the insect population naturally and, at the same time, secure their own existence, which is threatened in many places. The Transylvanian bats also find favourable nesting conditions in the numerous fortified churches throughout the country. And, with a bit of luck, the bats can be seen on their hunting flights around the church towers – after the sun has gone down, of course…