What’s the wine good for?

I almost experience the white page syndrome trying to write about wine and in the same time to avoid the classical clichés. The wine is old and known enough to leave  the sensation that everything about it has been said. Among many attributed roots, it has been said also that the wine was discovered by a female (according with the Persian mythology) and I am tempted to believe this because it’s wine which drives us sometimes crazy, isn’t it? As a fermentation drink, the wine could come from different sources as apples, palm, figs etc. Notwithstanding this, the grapes are mostly credited as the source of the wine. In the Genesis (49:11,12) it’s already clear that the wine comes from the grapes and during the entire Bible the wine is referred as coming from the grapes. Thanks God that most of the wine producers are afraid of God and make the wine out of grapes!

Finally, what the wine is good for? The same Genesis (9:20,25) tells us that right after its descent, Noah started growing vines. That was not such a good idea as Noah became once very drunk and fell asleep naked in his tent. So, from ancient time the people have learned that the wine shall be responsible operated. Extremely innocent, Plinius the Elder gave us the biggest cliché of the wine world, In vino veritas, There’s truth in wine. The Romanians, sometimes skeptical people, are saying that “the truth upsets”. An old Arabic quote is even more convincing “the who shall speak the truth, he should have a fast horse at his immediate disposal”. Summarizing, the wine provokes the truth and hence it divides people. In his resulting solitude, what’s left the man? Pouring a glass of wine!

Back to optimism. A very nice ancient comedy by Aristofan, Lysistrata, tells us how a heroic woman, named as the title, with Athenian origin, realizes with the help of wine a very strange alliance. Sick of the never-ending conflict with the City of Sparta, Lysistrata convinces the wives of soldiers to refrain from having sexual relation with their men until the war stops. To convince also the women from Sparta, led by Limato, Lysistrata uses “an amazing good wine”.

What is finally, the wine good for? It is up to everyone to wisely choose. Just to be a good wine!