A gastronomic project to associate LILIAC wines with fine recipes

We have launched a new section for you, LILIAC GOURMET, to offer you hints and information on how to make the perfect pairing of your favorite wine and your favorite dishes.

We chose to start the rubric with Simona Mardale, National Sales Director of Liliac, a fine wine specialist, who tells us today about Pinot Gris LILIAC.

“It is a type of grape for quality white wines, of French origin. Pinot Gris LILIAC is an elegant, modern, well balanced wine. In Romania, until recently, Pinot Gris was not very appreciated, but Liliac wanted to show that in Lechita this wine can be put to value and revealed its special characteristics: the vibrant fruit flavors – ripe pears and apricots, with slightly spicy finish; a wine much appreciated in Italy (Pinot Grigio) or in Alsace. This is the type of wine that can lead you to discover the essence of elegance in wine, special, deserving to remain in your olfactive memory. Pinot Gris is a wine with a special finesse, which matches very well the fish-based dishes, in this case the association with the butterfish being perfect. Our 18 Lounge by Embassy partner, through Chef George Catana, is sharring with us their own “Duo Butterfish” recipe, which you may find in detail below. What can be more beautiful than enjoying a culinary delight in the company of top wine at 18 Lounge by Embassy, ​​the restaurant with the most beautiful sky view in Bucharest? A contemporary wine, in an urban and effervescent place.”

“Duo Butterfish” recipe, marinated in red beets and served with red roe

The Butterfish is an oceanic fish with a fine buttery texture, that should be cooked “sous-vide”, at low temperature and slow cooking.

Ingredients: Butterfish file 300 gr, Shimejii mushrooms 5 gr, salmon red roe 20g, radishes 5 gr, red beet 50 gr, Primerba shimps spices 5 gr, Wheat germ 3 gr.

Perfect pairing: a glass of  Pinot Gris LILIAC.

Enjoy life, enjoy good food and special wine!