young.LILIAC label contest

Short version of the contest “Design young.LILIAC’s New Label”

Because it is young and restless, cool and always fashionable, young. LILIAC changes its label every year. If you are a designer or an illustrator, you can be the one who creates the „young“ LILIAC „outfit“  this year!

All you have to do is to send us a mail at between September 18th and October 23rd, 2017, with a single graphic proposal to match the three types young. LILIAC (Fruity, Fresh, Light Rose), meaning it can be adapted in three colors (orange, blue, purple).

We‘ have prepared 4 super prizes for you, that consist in cash, lots of young. LILIAC wien bottles, to enjoy with your friends, visits to Lilac Winery and other surprises! Have a look:


And because we encourage creativity and all those who want to express themselves freely, we challenged Mihai Lacatusu, the winner of the last year, to create the design of this year’s contest. Let’s see below his vision:

And since we talk about the winner of the previous edition, here is the label he created last year and then adapted to the three colors representative of the young. LILIAC (Fresh, Fruity, Light Rose) types:

  • LILIAC Fruity (orange) – fruity and joyful, with peach flavors
  • LILIAC Fresh (blue) – crispy, with very good acidity
  • LILIAC Light Rose (purple) – medium acidity, with red fruits flavors

Throughout the five contest editions, talented, passionate graphic designers were named winners. In their honor, we made a short review of the labels that brought them the big prize and that young.LIliac was proudly wearing them over the years.

This year, young. LILIAC is looking forward to the new label. Even YOU can be the winner! Send us your graphic idea at  .

TECHNICAL DETAILS: LILIAC Logo, label dimensions, bottle shape for the design/graphic, can be found here.

Registration period September 18th – October 23rd, 2017. All prizes will be awarded on November 1st.

Full regulation here!