Terms and Conditions


The terms and conditions of using www.liliac.com (called herewith “terms and conditions”) sets forth the conditions under any person may access the site and use its information and the on-line shop. The terms and conditions hereby have the value of a convention between each visiting user and amb Wine Company the owner of this site. Should anyone not accepting these terms and conditions will leave the site and abandon its usage. To continue accessing the site makes any visitor be liable to accept in all and unconditioned the current terms and conditions.
BY using the services available on the site you acknowledge that amb Wine Company will process, store and send data of personal character as conveyed by yourself.

The content and the graphic of the site, including but not limited to the whole text content, technical data, sources, references, pages’ format and any other material send by any means to the user (direct visualization, downloading, newsletter etc) belong exclusively to amb Wine Company and/or its partners.

The site content regardless of the position and/or its type shall be exclusively used for personal purposes of the user. For any usage of the content in other purpose than personal the user will ask the specific agreement from the owner prior to use it for other purposes. It is strictly forbidden to copy, to reproduce, to publish, to transmit, to sell or to distribute totally or partially the information contained within the site. As particular exceptions from the aforementioned rule are the following situations:

– It is allowed to reproduce (on non-commercial sites, forums, blogs, press articles) small parts of the published materials mentioning the source under the format : “Source – http://liliac.com”

– It is allowed to insert a link directing the users to any information of the site mentioning before the link “Information provided directly on – http://liliac.com”

Amb Wine Company will solely decide to carry any court case on against any user braking in any way the general terms and conditions herewith.
Any request to use by any means the information on this site will be transmitted to hello@liliac.com or by fax at +40-215399093 or by post Copilului street no 20, groundfloor, office nr 1, 012178 Bucharest, Romania

The persons sending any information or material to the owner or to the site undertake to do this without any prejudice towards a third party concerning the copyrights and hence amb Wine Company will be exonerate of any liability for any damages such action might cause, the sender being solely responsible for its content.



Amb Wine Company doesn’t expressly guarantee for any damages arising from the site usage that might lead the user to wrong conclusions or lame expectations. The undertaken guarantees of amb Wine Company will apply only for the information provided under the website for which the owner expressly mentions this. Information like product description, layouts and other presentations are only indicative and it doesn’t involve any obligation of the owner towards users. When specifically mentioned, such as prices, delivery terms or payment conditions, the information on the site might become binding for the owner under the legal provisions in force in Romania.


Amb Wine Company reserves the right to solely modify any of the current terms and conditions, in part or in total without any prior notification or formality to its users. When accessing the site the users shall undertake the terms and conditions available at the visit moment. The owner is not obliged to announce such changes, it is the sole obligation of the user to keep himself up to date with the current version of the terms and conditions.


All the rights and obligations arising from usage www.liliac.com as well as all legal effects that might occur will be interpreted under the provisions of the current terms and conditions and under the provisions of the Romanian legislation in force. Any litigation that might arise from the usage of the site or from the misinterpretation of the terms and conditions will be preferably solved amicably. Should such amicable solution fail the parties will address to the competent court of law assigned to the territory of Bucharest municipality.